Thankful for the Help

Your nana and papa spent the night last night and watched you while your dad and I played soccer. This morning they were excited to see you right when they woke up, and they kept an eye on you while we got ready. It’s amazing how much smoother our morning went with help on hand!

Then this evening your dad and I went to a Rapids game and so we dropped you off at their house on the way and they enjoyed playing with you while we had a night out. I am thankful every day that they live so close and are such a big part of your life; we couldn’t do it without them!

Epic Nap

Your nana was here today watching you while I worked. You went down for a nap a little before noon, and I was busy working. As time went on I kept waiting for your nana to come tell me you had woken up so I could feed you, and I kept thinking she’d come in any minute. After a couple of hours I went out to chat with her and to see if you were awake, and she said you were still sleeping. I was happy you were having such a good, long nap and I headed back to my office to get some more work done. But at hour three I couldn’t believe you were still sleeping, and I thought maybe you’d woken up and just weren’t hungry, and that when I went out to the living room I’d find you playing with your nana. So I came back out and you were still asleep! So back to work I went, amazed at your long nap. At about three and a half hours of naptime, both your nana and I were getting worried. I just wanted to make sure you were ok, and I also wondered if you were going to sleep at all tonight. So she went in to your room and lightly rubbed your belly, you moved your head a bit but barely stirred and you were right back to sleep. We decided to just let you keep sleeping, assuming that your little body just needed the sleep, especially after the past couple of nights in which you didn’t sleep all that well. You woke up right around hour four, hungry, happy and ready to play. It remains to be seen if you’ll sleep tonight or not.

Napping with Grandpa

Your grandma and grandpa Stephans watched you this morning before they left for the airport. They had so much fun with you this visit and I think they really enjoyed seeing how much you had changed, how much more active and engaged you were. You and your grandpa even had a nice nap together!

Nothing like a Nap with Grandpa

Some Special Men in Your Life

Today we were lucky to get to celebrate Father’s Day with not only your dad, but also your two grandfathers. We had a nice brunch at Chautauqua Dining Hall and you looked so cute in a new yellow sundress and headband. Your papa had so much fun holding you and walking around with you. We kept trying to get him to let us hold you or to put you in the stroller so that he could eat, but he kept turning down our offers; he was happiest just getting to be with you and he could’ve cared less about the food.

Dad and Granddad x2

Headband-as-eye mask

I’m so thankful that you get to have these amazing men in your life. I wasn’t fortunate enough to get to meet either of my grandfathers, and so I think it is so special that you’ll get to have relationships with both of yours. Between them and your dad and uncles, you really do have some amazing men in your life. They have all served as great examples to me of how to balance hard work with dedication to family and friends while incorporating ample amounts of relaxation and adventure, and they’ll be great role-models for you too.

One of the many really fun aspects of having you over these past few months has been watching your dad seamlessly become a dad, and a great one at that. He’s so sweet, loving and patient with you, and he’s very lively and creative when it comes to playtime. He does lots of research into various types of products before we purchase them for you (and this week he’s even started looking into preschools for you!), all so that we can ensure we’re getting the very best. He loves you so much.

A Lumber-jacking, Rolling Kind of Day

Today we had a nice day at home.

Too cute!

We went for a long walk around the neighborhood, then your dad and grandpa decided to remove the two dead aspen trees in our backyard. They rented a chainsaw, and I even got in on the action. Your grandma held you while we were working, and she said you were intrigued watching us. Your dad noted that I had so much fun with the chainsaw and he wondered if I wanted one for Christmas. No thanks!


Watch out – here comes dad with a chainsaw!

Getting ready to do some more sawing

Also today your dad went in to pick you up from a nap and you were lying on your belly in your crib; you’d rolled over! You’ve been rolling front-to-back for over two months, and I’ve seen you roll back-to-front a couple of times but only after many minutes of wiggling around. But this was the first time that we’ve found you like this after a nap. And then this afternoon we were outside sitting on a blanket with your grandma, and I put you on your back and you immediately rolled over to your belly. You seem to have this move perfected!

Estes Park

Your grandma and grandpa Stephans arrived yesterday, and today your dad and them took you to Estes Park while I worked. You guys had lunch and walked around town, and they found a few cute items to spoil you with. You also visited your seventh brewery (Estes Park Brewery); I’m so sad I missed it!

Enjoying the nice weather with grandpa

Loving your seventh brewery

Nice Walk in Estes (and enjoying your new sock monkey hat)

Two dads and a daughter

Tonight we went to Louisville for the town fair. You seemed to really enjoy just watching all the chaos from your Bob, and you were content through dinner as well.

A little distracted at dinner

Two Colorado natives

NREL Picnic

Today my work had a picnic in Golden, and your dad drove down with you so that we could all hang out. You got to meet lots of people that I work with, and everyone was so happy to finally get to meet you. You fell asleep about halfway through, and a few of the ladies I work with were disappointed not to get to play with you. But never one to miss a party, or a chance for some loving, you woke up towards the end and awed everyone with your cuteness and smiles.

Energetic Legs

The nanny has been asking for more toys to keep you and Isla busy during the day. She’d previously told us that you ‘had a lot of energy in your legs’ and thought that the Exersaucer would be good for you. Last weekend we introduced you to the Exersaucer and you loved it, so we decided to bring that over to the nanny’s today. She said that you loved it, and that you have really strong legs! I know that your dad and I imagine that you have strong, soccer-playing legs, but we’ve heard comments about your busy, strong legs from so many people now that we think there’s some truth to it!

Nanny Success!

Today was your first full day at the nanny’s, your first full day when neither your dad nor I stayed with you there. You did great! You took a few multi-hour naps, you ate really well, and you enjoyed playtime. The nanny feels much more comfortable with you and it seems like you’re both really settling into a routine and getting into the swing of things.

Speaking of swings, she did mention that she took you to the playground and put you in a swing. Although she said you had a great time, I can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy that she was the one to escort you through your first experience swinging. She got to see how you reacted to the motion – whether you laughed or cried – and watched your eyes and face express your sentiments about the movement. I know that there will be many firsts in your life, and that this is probably just the first of a few ‘firsts’ that we’ll miss, but I can’t help but to feel a bit of regret to have missed it. I told your dad that we’ll have to take you to a playground this weekend, stick you in a swing, and relive the moment with you. I hope that you don’t mind reenacting the moment for us.

Picnic Time

We had a nice day in Breckenridge today, including swimming (for the cousins, you watched and really enjoyed watching everyone), playtime at a park, and a picnic and photo shoot downtown. You and your cousins did great for the pictures. Emmett is a pro at holding babies for pictures.

Posing with your four cousins

Your aunt, uncle and cousins, and us

You telling a secret to Emmett

Alex and Jackson on the slide