Aunt, Uncle and Cousins…Oh My!

Today your Uncle Matt, Aunt Gretchen, and three cousins arrived from Seattle. We headed up to Breckenridge and everyone enjoyed some playtime outside in the sun, which they say they haven’t seen for many months. Everyone loved finally meeting you, and Emmett and Alex are so good and gentle with you. They even brought gifts for you – a great book that you love to play with/eat and some maracas rattles.

You watching Emmett deliver your gift

Alex presenting another gift for you

Sleep All Day, Party All Night

Unfortunately, your sleep patterns seem to have changed a bit this week. You’ve been a great sleeper to date, but this week you’re switching it up. We’re not sure if it’s due to the new daycare situation, or the warmer weather, or teething. Trust me, we’ve pondered all the possible causes, and we have yet to figure it out.

But yesterday, you slept all day. You’d eat, and fall asleep eating, then when you’d wake up I’d change you, and feed you, and you’d fall right back asleep! It was the most you’ve slept in months. And then last night you had absolutely no interest in sleeping. After a couple hours of trying to get you to sleep your dad and I took you for a stroll around the neighborhood in your new stroller, and that did nothing; you were as wide-eyed when the walk ended as you were when it began.

Your largest straight stretch of sleep last night was about two hours. Your dad and I both did everything we could think of to get you to sleep. During one of your wakeful spells, around 3 am, I even googled ‘4 month old sleep issues’ to see what I could find. Also, throughout the night the Barenaked Ladies song ‘Who Needs Sleep’ kept echoing through my head:
Who needs sleep?
Well you’re never gonna get it.
Who needs sleep?
Tell me what’s that for……

This morning your dad took you for awhile so that I could sleep. When I woke up I came out to the living room to find you, your dad, and sock monkey all snuggled up having a nice snooze!

Snoozing on the couch

Anyway, today we’ve aimed to keep you up and so we’ll see how you do tonight. This morning you went to the Mapleton Rummage Sale with your nana and me. You were awake and interested in all the action for the first hour, then fell asleep. After the sale you were wide-awake so I thought we’d bust out your Exersaucer for the first time and see if you liked it. You loved it! I wasn’t sure if you had the head control and leg strength for it yet, but you really enjoyed it. You were content in there for probably 45 minutes!

All Smiles in your Exercauser

Hello Bob

We ordered you a Bob stroller awhile ago, and it arrived this week. We went and picked it up today. We didn’t order you the infant carseat adapter, so we’ve been hoping that you’d have the head strength and be big enough to use it. We put you in it tonight and you seemed so happy. We can’t wait for all the adventures we’ll have with you and the Bob.

Loving your Bob Stroller

Missing My Sidekick

You’ve been my trusty companion these last few months, a little sidekick that accompanied me virtually everywhere I went. At first it was different to get used to always having you in tow, but now, whenever you are not with me, I feel like something’s missing and I feel frantic for a second, like I’ve left you accidentally behind. When I’m driving and you’re not in the car, I look in the back to get a glimpse of your sweet face looking back at me, and instead I am often startled to see the movements of my arm shifting the car, reflected in the mirror. At home, I am so used to tiptoeing around when you’re asleep, that as I’ve been working at home today I keep trying to be quiet and wondering when you’re going to wake up, only to remember you’re not here.

I’ve gotten pretty used to having my little sidekick always around, and it sure does feel strange now to be without you. I realize that as time goes on our separations will unfortunately, though necessarily, grow. I will have to be at work, or go on trips, and we’ll have to spend not only hours but even days apart. And eventually, someday, you’ll go to preschool, then elementary school and playdates with friends. It’s all a part of life; being so close to each other, you so dependent on me, and then you gradually relinquishing your dependency on me. This is just the first tiny step of your life’s progression towards independence. But for now, and for awhile into the future, you’re still going to be my little sidekick most of the time, and I’m going to relish it.

Daycare Attempt #2

Today was our second attempt at taking you to be looked after by the nanny. In order to help make it a smoother transition, I stayed with you for the morning to help you get more comfortable and confident with the nanny, the new surroundings, and your new baby friend. You did pretty good for the first couple hours, then both you and Isla seemed to be having a hard time settling down to take a nap, and you both reached meltdown stage at about the same time (which in turn triggered me to thank goodness for about the hundredth time that I did not have twins).

The nanny tried to console you both and was visibly flustered. She ended up taking Isla for a walk and I took you. Isla fell asleep and so did you. I think once we have a double stroller it will be much easier to handle you two in that situation; walking generally calms you both down.

I had to head home for some meetings and left you behind, with a message to of course call if there were any problems and I’d come right over. After the little bit of difficulties this morning I was fairly certain she’d call, but she did not. Your dad and I went to pick you up around 5 and the nanny said you did great – you took a bottle, played, and also took a great 2 hour nap. I’m so thankful you seem to be settling in. Tomorrow your dad will take you and hang out for another couple of hours to help you feel more comfortable.

Happy, Alert, and Curious

We had your four-month check-up today and the doctor says you’re looking great. She described you as happy, alert, and curious, which I do think sums you up pretty well. She also proclaimed that you have your dad’s eyes; she said that they will almost certainly be brown.

The biggest surprise was finding out that you are getting tinier and longer. We knew you were skinny and tall, and I have been realizing that you’re quickly outgrowing the 0-3 month clothes, but I had no idea you were in the 90th percentile for length, while just the 10th percentile for weight. Although I do realize that these metrics are no real precursors or indicators of what size you’ll be when you’re grown, your dad and I still had some fun tonight imagining what you may become if you end up being really tall. I guessed long jumper, he said WNBA star. What do you say?

Four Months Old and Back to Work

It was four months ago that I met you, and now four months to the date later I had to return to work full-time. It was bittersweet. It was nice being back in the office and seeing everyone, and being able to fully focus on work. But it sure was difficult to give you a kiss this morning and head out the door. It helped that your nana watches you on Mondays, and I knew you two would have a fun day together. You did great today, and when I came home your dad came out holding you to meet me on the sidewalk. You gave me a big smile and made it all worth it.

As we always do on your month birthdays (and sometimes in between), we had a photo shoot tonight. I put you in a cute onesie tutu outfit and you were entranced. The tulle skirt contained little flower petals and the texture and colors were all too much for you to resist. It was virtually impossible to get a shot of you still; you kept trying to get the skirt in your mouth.

Tiny Four Month Old Dancer

Loving the Outfit

Upside down serious pose

Lunch on Vail Pass

We had a wonderfully relaxing morning, the kind all vacations are defined by. We slept in, walked to breakfast, I did some laps while your dad and you hung out next to the pool, then we took your furry brothers for a nice walk along the river. Then, unfortunately, it was time to head home. You were a bit fussy and hungry during the beginning of the drive, so we stopped on Vail Pass and I fed you. It’s quite a beautiful place for a meal, and now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten on top of Vail Pass!

Teva Mountain Games

This weekend we were in Beaver Creek, and today we decided to head over to Vail to watch some of the Teva Mountain Games.

First Visit to Vail – at the Covered Bridge

We saw a mountain bike race and lots and lots of people and dogs, but my favorite was watching people on slacklines and the dog contest. I’ve seen people balancing on slacklines before, but today they had people who could jump and bounce and flip on them; one guy was even doing this about 20 feet above a river! We also went to watch the dog distance contest. Dogs run along a dock and dive in after a bumper, trying to get the longest jump. It was lots of fun, and you even seemed interested in it.

Watching the dogs with mom

Then we walked around Vail, taking in the sites. We stumbled across this Volvo made of Legos (or at least covered in Legos). Very neat!

The Lego Volvo

This afternoon we relaxed out by the pool. I brought down your swim diaper but you still haven’t yet gone for a dip. I want to wait until it is really hot out so that you aren’t too cold when we get you out. And we need to find some water that is shaded. Maybe this summer we’ll find the perfect spot!

Relaxing by the pool

Wiggle Worm

You are a little wiggle worm in your crib. You roll on your side and then to your back, and you scrunch up, bending your legs to your chest, then throw them back down. All of this action usually results in you ending up in an entirely different location than where we put you down. Today and yesterday I’ve found you with your little legs sticking out of the side of the crib when I come in to pick you up from your nap. You haven’t been upset or distressed by this, just happily hanging out with your feet hanging through the slats.

Cute, tiny feet hanging out of the crib

You look like you’re wondering why I’m taking a picture of you waking up from a nap!